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So it finally happened.

I got my first death threat.

Apparently, because of my views on porn and sex addiction.

To learn why someone would want to threaten me with violence over my view on porn addiction, click the video below!

I also talk about my recent interviews on the Third Place Podcast. To listen to those, check them out here:

Pornography and Addiction: How Mindfulness Helped Break Through Its Addictive Cycle with Jeremy Lipkowitz: Ep 47

Pornography and Addiction: Safe Vulnerability and Healthy Accountability with Jeremy Lipkowitz — Part Two — Ep 48

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Today is the first full day of a 30-day digital declutter experiment.

The idea comes from Cal Newport’s book, Digital Minimalism, and the impetus to actually go through with it was strengthened by watching The Social Dilemma documentary, and then reading a few other books like Irresistible, by Adam Alter…

Jeremy Lipkowitz

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