Breaking Free From Digital Addiction⁣

I’ve decided to go on a 30-day Digital Break.

Lately it’s been clear to me how much of my mental space has been hijacked by social media and digital technologies. Wanting likes and comments, wanting excitement, wanting drama — I’m hooked on the little dopamine dumps I get when I see a notification or hear about the latest “Breaking News!”.⁣

Of course, it’s engineered to hook you in. After reading Cal Newport’s book, Digital Minimalism, I’ve become inspired to cultivate a more thoughtful and intentional relationship with the digital technologies that are being thrust upon us. I want to reclaim my autonomy, my ability to think and feel deeply without itching to check my phone or look at the latest news.⁣

So for the next 30-days I’ll be disconnecting from all my social media spots. No instagram, no facebook, no LinkedIn. I’ll also be cutting any non-critical sources of digital media that I use mindlessly: CNN, YouTube, ESPN, etc.⁣

Once the 30 days is over, I’ll assess intentionally what I want to bring back into my life. What supports my deepest aspirations in life? What brings deeper meaning and connection? It’s not enough for something to add value, it has to be worth the price of admission. It has to be worth what it takes away in terms of my attention, my well-being, and my clarity.⁣

This post might only be up for a day or a few hours before I hit the deactivate button, but just wanted to give a heads up to all of you, so that if you don’t see me, you know what’s up. I will keep writing, using my Medium blog and my newsletter. If you’d like to stay connected, I suggest you follow me there.⁣

One last thing, I highly recommend checking out Cal Newport’s book, Digital Minimalism. It’s definitely opened my eyes. Not saying we all need to give up social media, but it’s wise to be mindful of the effect it has on your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.⁣

Much love,⁣





Mindfulness Teacher | Performance Life Coach | Creator of the Unhooked recovery program. Learn more at

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Jeremy Lipkowitz

Jeremy Lipkowitz

Mindfulness Teacher | Performance Life Coach | Creator of the Unhooked recovery program. Learn more at

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