Psychedelics and Meditation; Good practice, or a violation of Buddhist ethics?

Why is ethics so important in Buddhism?

So, what is the 5th precept?

  1. Refrain from killing
  2. Refrain from taking what has not been freely offered (i.e. don’t steal)
  3. Refrain from false or divisive speech (i.e. don’t lie or gossip)
  4. Refrain from sexual misconduct

Determining what counts as intoxicant

What about psychedelics?

Helpful tips on your journey

  • Start small, perhaps micro-dose first, and increase how much you take as you feel more comfortable with the experiences
  • Make your space quiet and free from distraction. Put your phone away, log out from social media, and create a meditative environment. Incense and images of the Buddha or inspiring teachers can be helpful
  • Download a few dharma talks from teachers you enjoy from (One of my favorites is Michele McDonald)
  • Also queue up some healing music, especially if you enter periods where you feel unstable or afraid. Here are some that really are truly amazing: Burgs, by Mt. Wolf, Faith’s Hymn, Breathe it in, and Eastern Sun.



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